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Rabbit Hill Country Store Supports Local Wildlife Initiative

Rabbit Hill Country Store based in Arkendale has teamed up with the Allerton Waste Recovery Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage Fund and Two Ridings Community Foundation together with 6 local primary schools to promote and encourage the development of wildlife habitats in the local area. The initiative is part of a wider push to promote the availability of grants from the fund and to encourage learning about wildlife habitats, planting and growing. Every child that attends Marton Cum Grafton, Goldsborough, Staveley, Great Ouseburn, Kirk Hammerton and Green Hammerton primary schools will be allocated a voucher as part of the scheme. The voucher will cover purchase of a bird box or bug hotel that can be installed at home to encourage nesting birds or interesting insects.

Gemma Fisher, Manager of Rabbit Hill Country Store comments:

‘Rabbit Hill Country Store has been selling wildlife habitats for many years and always found them a popular choice in the Spring season, we have a broad range of products on offer that encourages and supports bees, birds, butterflies, bats, bugs and hedgehogs. Wildlife habitat creation is very simple to do and with the right equipment and a bit of advice everyone could be making a difference in their back gardens. ’

Jackie McCafferty, Programmes Manager at Two Ridings Community Foundation added:

‘We are delighted to be able to encourage school children in the area to get engaged with creating wildlife habitats to support their learning about the world around them. It is a great fit with the aims of the Allerton Park Landscape and Cultural Heritage fund which seeks to increase local biodiversity, improve wildlife habitats and enhance the local landscape as well as preserving local cultural heritage. We would very much encourage local residents with an idea for improving the local area to make an application to the fund, even if this is just a small project in their own back garden’

The Allerton Park Landscape & Cultural Heritage fund is provided by North Yorkshire County Council and City of York Council and is available to individuals, community groups and businesses for a wide variety of projects which increase biodiversity, improve wildlife habitats, provide planting for screening or seek to preserve local cultural heritage.

Further details about the scheme and how to apply can be found on the Two Ridings Community Foundation website at or by telephoning 01904 929500.

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Animec Super

Animec Super Solution for Injection contains Ivermectin 10mg/ml and Clorsulon 100mg/ml.

Injectable solution which treats adult liver fluke, gastrointestinal roundworms, eye worms, mites and lice on beef and non-lactating cattle.

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Agrimin Boluses

It’s coming to that time of year where you are turning out whether, it be cows & calves or ewes & lambs.

Agrimin 24-7 Smartrace Growing Cattle are ideal for young cattle weighing between 200kg – 400kg.

Designed to give the daily requirements needed of iodine, selenium & cobalt which is essential for growth, health & fertility.

Agrimin 24-7 Smartrace for Lambs are designed for lambs over 25kg live weight.

This supplies the daily requirements of cobalt, selenium & iodine to maximise growth rates. Both are available with or without copper depending on the needs of your stock.

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With calves needing de-horning it’s essential that the procedure is done in the correct way.

Earlier the better is the golden rule when de-horning calves as young calves have small buds which are easier to remove and smaller calves are safer to handle.

Local anaesthetic should always be used to limit

the amount of distress that is caused to the animal.

Most farmers use Hornex or Adrenacaine then de-bud with a portasol de-horning iron.

All of which can be found in store as well as de-horning wire & handles.

Please contact the store for more information and advice.

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Fleas and Ticks

It’s not just dogs and cats that get fleas – ferrets can be affected too which many owners don’t realise.

A flea infestation can be very distressing to animals and in worst case scenario cause death.

Exposure to ticks is not just a risk in open fields and grass land. Ticks can be picked up in a variety of places including domestic gardens, public parks, kennels and even the vets.

Fleas and ticks are easy to prevent if you use the correct treatment at the correct time.

Call into store and speak to our AMTRA qualified team for advice on the correct flea and tick products for your pet.